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............Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?
Luke 18:8
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Third and Final Conflict  (Watch this now to learn where we are in Bible prophecy)

More Prophecy Videos from Pastor Tim Roosenberg Here

Bible Prophecy builds faith and Daniel 11 will open your eyes and wake you up


Al-Quds (Arabic: القدس‎) is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem, literally meaning "The Holy One" (quds = holy). › wiki › Al-Quds_(disambiguation)


Thank you Lord, Thank you Pastor Tim


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Did God forget China?






END TIME FAITH is a non profity ministry dedicated to building FAITH and TRUST in God our Creator. His Love and Truth can easily be seen in the Testimony, Trials and Triumphs collected here. It is our prayer and hope you will join our community and help prepare others for His soon return that we all may be together in paradise forever more. Our goal is to enlighten and encourage all into an Eternal realtionship with our loving Creator and Savior.  May God richly bless you and fill your heart with His Holy Spirit.     We welcome your comments and suggestions and membership is always free.


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Covid-19 Changes everything:  

Can a virus usher in the time of the end

 (Watch this now to realize what is coming next)

Has God forgeten USA?

Did God create COVID-19?

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The Journal of the Watcher

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